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Tomasz Żaglewski

Tomasz Żaglewski is a PhD in the Institute of Cultural Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. He is an author of many comics-related academic papers published in the most important Polish social and art sciences’ journals, i.e. “Kultura Wspolczesna”  (“Modern Culture”), “Przeglad Kulturoznawczy” (“Cultural Studies Review”), “Literatura i Kultura Popularna” (“Popular Literature and Culture”), “Kwartalnik Filmowy” (“Film Quarterly”), “Zeszyty Komiksowe” (“Comic Books Journal”). His main academic interest is to regard comic books as an integral element of a modern media and culture theory through comparative studies approach. He recently published the very first Polish monography about a modern comic book film: “Kinowe uniwersum superbohaterów. Analiza współczesnego filmu komiksowego” (“Superheroes’ Cinematic Universe. Analyzing a modern comic book film”) by the PWN Group publisher.

Media and Culture

The main goal of the course is to recreate the main concepts and terms from the area of media studies. Student should be able not only to recreate the most important theoretical concepts of media research but also to connect the specification of media with the larger cultural context of its existence.

Comic Book Cultures

The main goal of the course is to present the graphic narration of comic books in a broad perspective of cultural theory and cultural variety of topics. Students will be able to analyze some crucial cultural themes (i.e. feminism and gender, racism, political discourse and comics as a “private literature”) as well as the comic book medium itself in its complex social and economic context of production and reception. After classes student will be able not only to discover and discuss a specific critical topics on the basis of comics but also to reconsider a place of graphic narratives in the cultural studies paradigm.