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Przemysław Kieliszewski

A lawyer with musical background, PhD in humanities. Executive Manager of The Musical Theater of Poznań (since 2013). Expert in culture management and change management. Assistant professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań. Manager of artists and cultural projects in Poland and abroad (1994-2012). Co-creator and director of Guitar Academy: festival (2008-2012). He represented non-governmental organizations in competitive committee for the affairs of culture on behalf of the President of Poznań (2006-2010). He co-realised i.a. research for the Wielkopolska Region (2006-2007), The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw (2008). He conducts professional trainings in the field of culture management for the city councils and local governments. He is the author of the dissertation “Cultural Policy in view of the development of civil society in Poland”, and other publications and reports in the range of this issue. In 2009 he has also co-edited two volumes which contributed to the filed of cultural policies studies (with J. Sójka and  M. Poprawski (eds.), in Polish: Cultural institutions in the 21st century. Old-fashioned idea or a new concept?, Bogucki Scientific Press, Poznan 2009; with J. Sójka, P. Landsberg, M. Poprawski) (eds.), in Polish: Cultural institutions during the time of crisis, Bogucki Scientific Press, Poznan 2009. Co-founder of the ROK – Regional Culture Observatory of Adam Mickiewicz University:;