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Michał A. Michalski

Michał A. Michalski, Ph.D.

Michał A. Michalski – born in 1975, PhD, Assistant Professor in Department of Business Ethics, Institute of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznań, Poland. Graduate of Management and Marketing at AMU Poznań, doctoral thesis on cultural dimension of human labour (2003). Fellow of the SPES Institute, member of EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) and PTE (Polish Economic Association).

Michał A. Michalski has published over thirty papers (in Polish and English) and two books:

  1. Człowiek, kultura, praca. O kulturowym wymiarze pracy ludzkiej.(Man, Work, Culture. On Cultural Dimension of Human Labour), Wydawnictwo Poznańskie (Poznań Publishing House), Poznań 2005.
  2. Znaczenie rodziny dla międzypokoleniowej transmisji kultury gospodarczej (The role of family for intergenerational transmission of economic culture), Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM (Adam Mickiewicz University Press), Poznań 2014.

Research interests: business and work ethics, economic culture, family and economy, welfare state, management, human labour, Catholic Social Thought.

Subjects description (circa 5 – 10 stc. ), + Benefits for students: (3 – 7 stc.)


The course is oriented towards acquisition of  basics of knowledge about the role of methods of social and cultural studies research and their influence in social life. The student develops orientation in basic concepts, tools and methods of cultural research and in practice of planning, conducting of research project, analysis and interpretation of data.  The course prepares to interprete data and present results of research projects and also developes ability of critical thinking in reception and interpretation of the data from social and cultural research.




The course is oriented towards acquisition of  basics of knowledge about the role of work in individual and social life and elementary knowledge about the role of culture in society. The student develops orientation in basic concepts within the field of work and ability to analyze the sphere of work through cultural perspective. Studying the readings from the field of work aims at deepening the understanding of different dimensions and functions work plays in our lives. The student also develops ability of critical thinking in observing and analyzing current problems within the field of work




The course aims at introducing into knowledge about the role of culture in organizing individual and social life. The student is familiarized with elementary information about the character and role of organizations in society. The course is also oriented towards development of understanding of complexity of organizational culture, ideas and methods of perfecting it and ability of critical evaluation and analysis of condition of organizational culture. It is achieved through analysis of data and cases from organizational cuture research.