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Marcela Kościańczuk

Marcela Kościańczuk PHD

I published two books:

Oczyma Palestynek. Taktyki reinterpretacji uniwersum wartości w odniesieniu do kategorii bezpieczeństwa i zagrożenia (Palestinian women point of view. Tactics of value universe reinterpretation, according to safety and danger category) Wydawnictwo Wydziału Nauk Społecznych UAM, Poznań 2013.

Tożsamość wspólnot mniejszościowych. Kulturoznawcza analiza tożsamości członków wspólnot Żydów mesjańskich, (Identity od minority groups. Cultural studies analyze of messianic Jews community members identity) Wydawnictwo Wydziału Nauk Społecznych UAM, Poznań 2012.

I also published a lot of articles about visual anthropology, art therapy and problems of minority groups which are the main topics of my research interests. Nowadays I am working on a project which will use visual methodology to show everyday life in a shadow of physical illness.

Anthropology of culture:

That subject presents  methodology, and main changes in anthropology of culture in 20-21 century. During the class we discuss such categories as family life, gender issues, relation between politics, economy, religion and anthropological research, visuality as an important factor of the change of anthropology of culture. Usually, there are a lot of erazmus students from a lot of different countries what give us an opportunity to work on life examples from a lot of different national and local cultures. The form of assessment is connected with presenting a project of small anthropological research made individually or in small groups.

Benefits for students:

  • Student achieve skills connected with practical usage of the tools connected with doing anthropological observation and interview, photo-interview.
  • Student develop his/her skills connected with critical thinking and presenting different points of view during discussion
  • Student achieve new knowledge connected with cultural differences and also history and contemporary situation of the new trends in cultural anthropology.



Israeli and Jewish Culture

The subject presents political, economical, religious and cultural mixture of the people living in Israel who may be Jewish. It shows dilemmas connected with such issues as Zionism, Shoah and contemporary understandings of it, history and new forms of anti-Semitism and  also contemporary conflicts between Israel and Palestinian Autonomy.


  • A lot of students achieve wide knowledge about complicate structure of contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Student achieve a lot of new information about Jewish culture and tradition
  • Student achieve skills connected with analyzing connections between individual, social and national or religious perspective
  • A lot of students started to search in their own family or local community history to find some information about Jewish life- so this class in kind of an inspiration to self-or community’s identity research.