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Katarzyna Machtyl

Dr Katarzyna Machtyl – a culture expert, a cultural semiotician, a sociologist; Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Studies, Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Semiotics of the Cultural Studies Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. A member of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies, International Society for Intermedial Studies, the Polish Semiotic Society and the Polish Society for Cultural Studies. The author of a book ‘Semiotyki obrazu. Reprezentacje i przedmioty’ [‘Semiotics of an Image. Representations and Objects’] (2017) and scientific papers regarding such issues as ontology of sign structures, visual representation in the semiotic perspective and a symbol and de-symbolization in culture. Her main interests include: semiotics of culture, semiotics of visual representation and senses, the issue of sign representation and contemporary semiotic discourses, esp. existential semiotics, biosemiotics and object-sign relations.


Visual culture and semiotics. Selected issues

The main purpose of the course is to examine the selected orientations and approaches within visual semiotics. The basic terms, notions, methodologies are introduced as well as the fundamental methods of visual analysis. Ranging from the status of an iconic signs and visual sign-structures to the sophisticated visual structures like photography and cinema are discussed. Classes are also dedicated to the complex relations between visual semiotics and visual culture on the one hand and history of art on the other. Visual semiotics as the branch of so called applied semiotics requires some practical activities and students have a chance to examine theoretical issues in practice during the course, e.g. visual advertisement, press photograph, film and street art. Basic readings: texts written by Roland Barthes, Yuri Lotman, Jean Baudrillard, William T. Mitchell and others.